Course Smart

The SDSU Bookstore was the first college bookstore to successfully pilot an eTextbook program with CourseSmart in January, 2008. Today, the SDSU Bookstore is one of the largest campus providers of eTextbooks in the nation. Students can purchase CourseSmart products through the SDSU Bookstore EZ Books online service and receive their eTextbooks instantaneously. CourseSmart eTextbooks can also be purchased at the SDSU Bookstore. Students can enjoy the convenience of anytime, anywhere access to CourseSmart eTextbooks whether online, offline, or on a mobile device. Just as with a print textbook, you can highlight and make notes. Your books will even be on one electronic bookshelf so you can easily find and access your study material. In addition to being convenient, CourseSmart eTextbooks will save you 50%-60% off the list price of new print textbooks. The SDSU Bookstore guarantees the lowest price on CourseSmart eTextbooks and purchasing through the bookstore helps support programs on campus. CourseSmart is the world's #1 provider of eTextbooks and digital course materials and is a venture supported by North American higher education. Founded in 2007, CourseSmart provides eTextbooks and digital learning tools to millions of student and faculty users. In providing this unmatched service, CourseSmart is not only lowering costs and improving access to these essential tools, but is supporting the evolving teaching and learning environment through the significant benefits of digital course materials.

CENGAGE, eTextbooks and eChapters

The SDSU Bookstore has partnered with Cengage, one of the nations’ largest higher education publishers. Get access to:

  • eTextbooks priced up to 50% off the list price of new print textbooks
  • Individual electronic chapters that start as low as $1.99 (the first chapter is actually free)
  • Additional study material.

Transactions are completed at the CengageBrain website and subject to Cengage's refund policy. When linking through the SDSU Bookstore website a portion of each sale helps support programs on campus.

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