Price Matching

3 EZ Steps to Price Match

1. Once you register for classes, order your books for in-store pickup through EZ Books, or simply shop in-store.
2. At in-store checkout, present your phone screen, printout, or receipt showing proof of the lower textbook price.
3. We will verify the lower price and match it!.

Why Price Match with the Bookstore?

-We are a not-for-profit campus partner
-Our net proceeds support you, the student
-Recent examples include $4 million in renovations to Cuicicalli Suites and the Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences Building

The Following Exclusions Apply:

-Price matching can only be done in-store. EZ Books pickup orders only require payment information to hold the order and payment will not be processed until the order is rung-up at the register.
-Lower prices must be current and verifiable by our staff at the time of checkout
-We can only price match KB Books, (Marketplace excluded), and
-We are unable to price match used books from and
-We are unable to price match rental textbooks from other merchants that we do not rent ourselves
-If the purchase has already been made, we will price match within the same time frame as the refund policy printed on the receipt
-Books being price matched must have the same ISBN, edition, and condition (new/ used/ rental)
-Textbook must be in-stock with other merchant in order to price match
-We are unable to price match "member" prices
-International editions and instructor copies are excluded
-Conditions for price matching are subject to change without advance notice