Desk Copy Information

For your convenience, we have provided the following list of publishers as a reference so you can easily request your complimentary instructor's copy from the publisher. For those publishers who have a local representative, their contact information is included. If the publisher of the textbooks you are adopting or considering for adoption is not listed below, please call the Course Materials Department at (619)594-7540 or email us at and you will be provided with the information. When requesting a desk copy from a publisher, please fill out the desk copy request form and send to your publisher or publisher representative.


Toll Free

Subject Area


Rep.'s Phone


Adlers Foreign Books 800-235-3771 All foreign
language books
published in
other countries
Blackwell Publishing 800-225-5945  Division of John
Stacey George  201-748-7697
Cengage Learning 800-354-9706 ANTH, Art, CFD, CJ,
COMM,ED, English,
History, Humanities,
Languages, Music,
Psych, RWS,
Social Sciences,
Heinle except ESL
Lauren Faison 619-384-7802
Cengage Learning 800-354-9706 Business, Economics & Computers Ashley Dadon 858-212-1313
Cengage Learning 800-354-9706 Nursing, Health Jill Schnefer 800-998-7498
Cengage Learning 800-354-9706 Phil, Religion,
Tiffany Mann  800-513-1046
Cengage Learning 800-354-9706 Engineering
(In-House Rep)
Cengage Learning 800-354-9706 Math, Science,
Statistics, ENS,
Bob Schuh 858-744-0112
Cengage Learning 800-354-9706 Heinle & Heinle ESL Mark Johnson 619-913-1550
Congressional Quarterly   Ashlee Blunk 800-818-7243
Corwin Press     Patrick Kelly 800-818-7243
Elsevier 800-545-2522 Health Sciences Cliff Gibson 800-453-7998
Human Kinetics     Kari Testory
iClicker 888-330-8477 Division of Macmillian Publishing Services  Kristen Strong 949-812-1196
Jones & Bartlett 800-832-0034   Jennifer Kaufman 339-234-4075
Jossey Bass 800-225-5945  Division of John Wiley Rick Skewes 415-782-8220
Lippincott Williams Wilkins 800-399-3110
  Paul Gallagher  714-356-6822
Macmillian Publishing Services 888-330-8477   Amy Shefferd 760-798-0779
McGraw Hill 800-338-3987 Anth, Lang, Psy,
Soc Sci, CHE,
ENS, Art, Child Dev,
CJA, Comm, ED, Phil,
Music, Thea, Rel S,
RWS, Engl, Wmnst
Katie Balcerak 619-203-6903
McGraw Hill   Life Sciences, GEOL,
Math, ENS, ENGR,
GEOG, Health, NUTR,
Computer Science,
Asttr, Phys, Chem
Bryan Buckley
McGraw Hill   Business, Econ, IDS Byran Buckley
Norton 800-232-4830 All dept Andrea Knab 800-353-9909
Oxford 800-334-4249 All dept Johanna Marcelino 858-442-9738
Pearson 800-922-0579 Sciences, GEOL,
GEOG, Physics,
Math, Nutrition
Kate Gittins 520-490-5744
Pearson   Languages, Music,
Art, Humanities,
Social Sciences,
Asian, Psychology,
RWS, English,
Social Work,
Rel S, Music
Julie Jahn 858-413-5212
Pearson   Custom Victoria Chamberlin 714-743-0004
Pearson   ESL Amy Geoltzenleuchter 858-761-4388
Pearson   Business, CJ,
Computer Science,
SLHS & Technology,
Belen Poltorak 619-698-5130
Penguin Group 800-526-0275   Jim Dassise 800-253-2304
Routledge Taylor & Francis 800-634-7064 All Subjects Lesley Denton 800-797-3803 x17847
Sage, CQ Press & Pineforge Press 800-818-7243   Ashlee Blunk 800-818-7243 x7755
Springer 800-777-4643   John Woolsey 519-659-2665  
Macmillan Publishing Services (MPS) 888-330-8477   Amy Shefferd 800-470-4767
Wiley 800-225-5945 All Subjects Brian Hinshaw 858-354-6417