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No Forgotten Fronts: From Classrooms to Combat

No Forgotten Fronts: From Classrooms to Combat, (2018) hc by Lisa K. Shapiro, is an American war story told through the voices of a college community. At the beginning of World War II, Professor Lauren Post at San Diego State College, asked his students entering military service to write to him. He received thousands of letters from places like Pearl Harbor, Normandy and North Africa recounting vivid descriptions of combat, training and camaraderie. Dr. Post passed on the information to the former students' worried families. Dr. Post produced and mailed a newsletter excerpting the letters he'd received each month for four years. For years afterward, men and women dropped by his small campus office to thank him for helping them make it through the war. This is the story of the devotion of an extraordinary college professor who held his students, their campus, and an entire community together during World War II.

  • Hardcover
  • 392 pages
Price: $29.95

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