Check out how much money SDSU students have saved participating in Day1Ready since Fall 2022!

Period Student Savings off Market Price (New Print) Student Savings Off Market Price (Digital) Student Participation % Avg $ Saved Per Student (New Print) Avg $ Saved Per Student (Digital)
Total $13,917,045 $7,073,180 76% $131 $66
Fall 2022 $2,333,621 $1,333,651 70% $102 $58
Spring 2023 $3,395,945 $824,699 74% $157 $38
Summer 2023 $397,030 $94,044 83% $35 $8
Fall 2023 $3,943,381 $1,971,653 78% $152 $76
Spring 2024 $3,847,067 $2,849,133 80% $154 $114

Day1Ready is a program that provides every SDSU undergraduate student access to their required textbooks by the first day of class, all for a flat rate of $21.50 per credit. This program will provide all undergraduate students with access to their required course materials before the start of classes and they can keep that access through the add/drop date even if they opt out of the program. The program provides undergraduates with predictable pricing which allows them to budget for their course materials semester to semester.

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Designed To Solve For


Students arrive on campus with nearly everything they need - except their textbooks.


High prices force many students to forgo purchasing textbooks, negatively affecting academic outcomes.


Financial aid for textbooks is based on a campuswide average; many students are left to cover significant remaining costs. 

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