Price Matching

3 EZ Steps to Price Match-PLUS

  1. Once you register for classes, order your books for in-store pickup through EZ Books, or simply shop in-store
  2. At in-store checkout, present your phone screen, printout, or receipt showing proof of the lower textbook price
  3. We will verify the lower price and offer 5% off the lower offer!*

Why Price Match with the Bookstore?

  • You'll save money! We offer 5% off the lowest price from Amazon, Chegg, and B&N (see exclusions below)
  • We are a not-for-profit campus partner
  • Our net proceeds support you, the student

*Please note:

  • Price matching will be done only when you shop in store or pick up your EZ Book order
  • Lower prices must be current and verifiable by our staff at the time of checkout
  • Our Price Match-PLUS policy DOES COVER:
    • other retail business, not individual sellers
    • publisher direct sale sites
    • new and rental textbooks from Amazon (peer-to-peer deals excluded), Chegg, B&N, and publisher direct sale sites
    • used books from Chegg
  • Our Price Match-PLUS policy does NOT COVER:
    • used books from Amazon and B&N
    • B&N "member" prices
  • If your purchase has already been made, we will price match within the same time frame as the refund policy printed on the receipt
  • Books being price matched must have the same ISBN, edition, and condition (new/ used/ rental)
  • Textbook must be in-stock with other merchant in order to price match
  • International editions and instructor copies are excluded
  • Conditions for price matching are subject to change without advance notice
  • Shipping charges may apply