Patriot, Prisoner, Survivor: An American Family at War

Patriot, Prisoner, Survivor: An American Family at War, (2019) pb, by SDSU Alumnus Henry James Bedinger is a first-hand account of his life, and in particular, his service and imprisonment in Laos during the Vietnam War.

CDR Bedinger recounts a tale of heroism, endurance, and the shared struggle in the fight for freedom, paralleled with the Bedinger family's decorated history of service to the United States. From a fresh-faced recruit to a decorated veteran, CDR Bedinger's story ties living history to the greater narrative of American history. Patriot, Prisoner, Survivor serves as a reminder of the impact an individual can have on the very course of history.

  • Written by Henry James Bedinger
  • Paperback
  • Black and White
  • 318 pages
Price: $19.99