6090 Alpha Model Airplane

Teaching and demonstrating the principles of aerodynamics has never been easier (or more fun) than with the all-new AMA Alpha hand launch, rubber-powered airplane! This portable EPS foam and stick balsa aircraft is quickly and easily assembled thanks to its simple clip-together technology.

No cutting is required! The Alpha features: A fully molded main wing with built-in cambered airfoil and polyhedral made from easily repaired composite EPS sheet. Fast assembly and disassembly with simple movable main wing mount for center of gravity changes. Molded aileron, elevator, and rudder tabs for trim changes. 20:1 ratio winder with 80 inches of FAI competition rubber.

An updated nose bearing with lowered hook position so rubber doesn't bind. Molded-in hooks for using an ultra-simple winding stooge. Detailed and illustrated instructions to take educational advantage of the new aerodynamic features.

Price: $14.95