Equitable Access is a program that provides every SDSU undergraduate student access to their required textbooks by the first day of class, all for $22 per credit. This program will provide all undergraduate students with access to their required course materials before the start of classes and they can keep that access through the add/drop date even if they opt out of the program. The program provides undergraduates with predictable pricing which allows them to budget for their course materials semester to semester.

Equitable Access Discount

** The discount includes Equitable Access materials. The discount does not apply to supplies, electronics, computers, or general merchandise. Funds are limited and are on a first-come-first-served basis. Offer expires January 31st, 2023.

For booklist and opt out Information:
Spring 2023: The personalized booklist and opt out will be available on January 4th. Students will have until the add/drop date of January 31st 2023, to opt out or back into Equitable Access.

How It Works

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Design To Solve For


Students arrive on campus with nearly everything they need - except their textbooks.


High prices force many students to forgo purchasing textbooks, negatively affecting academic outcomes.


Financial aid for textbooks is based on a campuswide average; many students are left to cover significant remaining costs.

Equitable Access is designed to reduce inequity among students by eliminating course material access issues, while ensuring that costs are predictable and equal for all undergraduate students.

If you have any questions please please contact us at: [email protected]